Pulau Tioman has 20 kms. of length and 11 of width and it also has a small airport. It is a paradise island that has small towns that can only be acceded by boat. The island only has one only path that connects with the seaside crossing the jungle.
How to arriveAt the airport of Kuching we arrived by taxi paying 17RM (fixed price), we took a flight from AirAsia that takes one hour and half to arrive at Johor Bahru.

There we took a taxi paying in a counter a fixed price of 160RM and took 2 hours in driving 140kms to Mersing.
In Mersing we walked until the jetty where at 13.30 we took a speed boat that takes 1 hour to Tioman. We paid 30RM.
There is also a slower ferry that takes two hours and costs 30RM. The decision to take speed boat or ferry is not a money question but a question of capacity to resist the seasickness.

The different small hotels and resorts are located in different beaches and when entering the jetty you must request the ferry driver to leave you at your chosen beach.
Eat & SleepWe arrived at Pulau Tioman without previous hotel reservation because we wanted to see different options, we decided to go to the biggest beach which is in the north of the island, Salang.
The guide says that the biggest beach, Salang, it is a very pretty beach and there are many resorts. We had printed three different hotel webs and the reality is very different to the nice pictures of the webs.

We stayed in Salang Indah Resort (Kampung Salang, Pulau Tioman, Tel. 0060-9 419 5015, Fax 0060-9 419 5024,, [email protected]). We paid 130RM (the initial price before bargaining was 170RM) for a villa on pillars on the water for 4 people without breakfast. The villa is in an idyllic place and the beach is also very pretty, but inside the villa-room, it’s very simple and most of the hotels are also very simple. If you choose Salang you must not have many aspirations.

If we want some better resort we must look for other beaches, (we have not verified it personally), for instance the Paya Beach resort: and the Panuba Inn Resort: or the Japamala Resort: seem to be better options.
To eat we went to the restaurant of resort that at night offers a barbecue (of fish and meat) where they weigh the fish you choose and they cook as you want.

The big bottles of water cost in Tioman 3,5RM. Internet costs 12RM per hour.
What to see & doThis paradise destination is perfect to make snorkelling, diving or simply "nothing".