Melaka is a wonderful cute city where you can find two parts differentiated: Eastern in which it emphasizes the legacy of the Portuguese domination and Dutch and the Western or Chinese Town, which is a very nice and better maintained than any other that we have seen before
How to arriveTo go to Melaka from Kuala Lumpur: In the Puduraya bus-station you’ll find many buses leaving to Melaka, we recommend to take those of company KKKL because they are the unique ones that have three seats per row, it takes around 2 hours and it costs 9,40RM. The Transnasional buses leave every 30 minutes and the rest of companies every hour.
Eat & SleepAs we did not sleep in Melaka, we cannot recommend any special hotel. But, if you have the time, please spend at least one night in this wonderful city. I have friends who have stayed in The Sterling hotel and I know it's really worth.

However we found the time to stop in 3 wonderful and historical restaurants where it’s worth to go at least to see them: Coffee 1511 (52, Haul Tun So cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka, Tel. 0060-62860150,, [email protected]), Restoran Peranakan (107 Jalan So Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka, Tel. 0060-62845001, Fax 0060-62817898, [email protected]), Harpers Restaurant (2 Lorong Hang Jeba, 75200 Melaka, Tel. 0060-62828800).
What to see & doThe most important thing is to walk through all Melaka and to visit the Eastern part with its historical legacies. You cannot miss the Stadthuys (or city council), the church of Saint Paul, the Sentosa villa, the marine museum which is inside a recommendable reproduction of a Portuguese ship, and all the temples of China Town and its delicious streets.

Near China Town we also found some nice and original stores that we want to point out: T-shirts not of the typical ones we could imagine, but design t-shirts: Orangutan (59 Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Tel. 0060-62826872,, [email protected]).
A masterful craftsman who makes shoes and who continues making shoes like the ones high class Chinese women wore. He seems to be as himself explains, unique in the world who still makes them by hand, his name is Raymond Yeo (Wahaik Shoemaker, 56 Jalan Tokong, 75200 Melaka, Tel. 0060-62849726).

Also we went to the factory of a local artist that made us fall in love with to his works: Street Weather (13 Jalan Tokong, 75250 Melaka, Tel. 0060-62831815, [email protected]). Lastly we recommend a non-typical souvenirs and antiques store with a nice café inside: Jonkers Melaka (17 Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Tel. 0060-62835578).