Pulau Kecil (small island) and Pulau Besar (big island) compose the incredible paradise of Perhentian islands. Transparent waters, charming white sand beaches and cosy hotels on the beach. In the jetty you must pay to 5RM for conservation fee of the marine park.
How to arriveFrom Kuala Terengganu we took a taxi to the jetty of Kuala Besut that takes 1 hour and we paid 80RM. In Kuala Besut a bottle of water costs 1RM.

We took the speed boat (30RM) that took us in 30 minutes till the small island. It leaves the passengers around 100 meters of the beach and there we took watertaxi that costs 2RM.

We bought all these tickets in Yaudin Holidays and Tours, 9 6 10 Rumah Kedai 2 Tingkat, 22300 Kuala Besut, Tel. 0060-9 674677, Fax 0060-9 6974611, [email protected])
Eat & SleepIn Pulau Kecil we stayed at the Suria Perhentian Dive Resort ( that we previously booked by Internet from Barcelona. It is located in the Beach Corale which is the only beach of the two islands from which the dusk can be observed.
Resort is precious, in a spectacular beach but the villas inside are extremely simple, basic, actually too simple. We chose a package of 3 days and two nights with two snorkelling trips and full board, we paid 350RM per person.

In the beach, only some meters away of the resort there is the restaurant Breast Kitchen that offers barbecue of meat or fish including a salad, potatoes, rice and watermelon by 15RM.

In the Eastern side of the small island there is the Long Beach where we found many hotels. The beach is very long and is the one that is considered like zone of discos and bars.
The Long Beach can be reached crossing the only path of the island from the Beach Chorale, it takes around 15 minutes, we saw some monitor lizards that theoretically are inoffensive.

We decided to remain more days in the wonderful Perhentian islands but to look for a resort we liked and we changed island, we went to the bigger one: Pulau Besar. There we visited a precious resort: Tuna Bay island resort: resort ahead the beach with new and modern rooms of beton, costs 250RM per night. Just some meters away we found the New Cocohut Resort with precious villas,, cost 200RM the night.

We went to the Arwana Resort that is in another beach, and is the newest resort of the zone, we paid 400RM per person for a package that includes double room in front of the beach, all the meals and two excursions of snorkelling; a double room with views to the swimming pool costs 160RM. The resort has a precious swimming pool, (Tel. 0060-9 752 1741, Fax 0060-9 6977475,, [email protected])

In the same beach we found the Flora Bay Resort with us perpendicular villas to the beach for 150RM that are very well: (attention you must  request the new villas, New Flora Bay)
What to see & doThe Perhentian is the paradise to do snorkelling or to dive. We could swim between sharks (small) and turtles (giant), in addition are thousands of fish of colours. Really precious and recommendable.