The excursions can be done on your own or with an agency that organizes them. The prices of agency are around 170RM per person to see the Semengoh Wildlife Centre and the farm of reptiles, or to go to the Gunung National Park costs 190RM, to go to the Bako National Park in excursion of one day costs 200RM by person, and the 2 days excursion and 1 night costs 316RM by person. To go to visit the Longhouse costs 2 days/1 night 422RM by person, 3 días/2 nights costs 528RM by person and to go to the Longhouse more far would cost 952RM by person. You can see all this around Borneo: Borneo Adventure, the main agency of Kuching (there are others more, we found all in the bazaar) for instance:

We chose to make the trips by our own.

Bako National Park: Try to remember to bring at least one passport among the people who go together to the park, because at the entrance of the park, they request a passport to register the visitors.

A bus of the company Petra Jaya Transport leaves very early, at the time o'clock, we took number 6, they are yellow and blue, it costs 1,5RM. You can also find some vans that leave once they’re full, they’re at the market, next to the mosque of Kuching, price 5RM per person and they bring you to the jetty where we embarked to the Bako national park. It took 30 minutes to drive 27kms.
At the jetty there is a place to register (remember to bring your passport) and to pay 10RM, the boat that takes us until the park entrance and the boat costs 10RM if you are 5 people or less and 8RM if you are 6 to 9 people. The boat takes 20 minutes to arrive at the entrance park.

In the park we found several itineraries to do and they are perfectly indicated with the hours that it can take to finish them. If you want to contract a guide it must be done previously as there are no guides at the entrance. In the Bako can be seen proboschis monkeys (monkeys of prominent pink nose), and all type of rainforest animals.

To arrive to the Semengoh Wildlife Centre you must take any bus 6A, 6B, 6C that leaves in front of the post office, price: 2RM. You must tell the driver to stop at the Semengoh. The trip takes 55 minutes. The entrance to the Semengoh costs 3RM.

At the Semengoh they feed twice a day orangutans, at 9 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. We arrived one hour before and we  had the opportunity to give them the breakfast fruit by ourself attracting them with typical shouts that made that orangutans approach and come down the trees.
The real show at the park is the feeding the orangutans done by the keepers and tourists are around 50meters distance. You can observe as orangutans approach to take their fruit, but it is not the same as feeding by yourself, that’s why we recommend to arrive early in the morning.

To return we took the 11.30 bus, which came 20 minutes earlier.