The capital of Malaysia surprised us very positively. It was really pleasant because it is not as chaotic as many other huge city in Asia.
KL has three meter lines (subway and on the air, on pillars through the city) and you pay depending on the distance you go. The subway and the taxis are very cheap. In Kuala Lumpur the taxis have taximeters and are forced to swicht it on when a passenger goes in.
How to arriveTo go to Kuala Lumpur from Penang there are many buses that make this route, we bought tickets under the Komtar building, 27RM and we took a "supervip", a bus with 3 seats by row.
They leave from Nibong bus station, southern of Georgetown and to go there we took a taxi per 20RM. Another possibility would be to take a bus for 2RM that leaves from the Komtar building.
It takes almost 5 hours to arrive at the KL-Puduraya bus station. We paid 10RM to arrive to the hotel, which actually was near the station but considering the terrible heat and humidity and wearing the backpacks we decided to pay a taxi.
Eat & SleepWe slept at the hotel Bintang Warisan (68 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Tel. 0060-321488111, Fax 0060-321482333,, [email protected]) that is located in the Golden Triangle which is the business area with skyscrapers, restaurants and party on night.
We paid 115RM for a double room without breakfast.

Other cheaper and well located options near the zone of the Golden Triangle are The Green Hut:, and also Number 8:

To eat, like all the Malayan cities, the variety to choose is endless. We went to The old Siam (23 Tengkat Tang Shin, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Tel. 00600-321483708, Fax 0060-321483706, a delicious and very pleasant Thailander.
Down of the Petronas towers we ate in the modern Chinoz restaurant (G47, Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur, Tel. 0060-321668277, Fax 0060-321669277).

Also we eat several times in a simple Indian restaurant called Hanifa at the Nagasari street.
What to see & doThe Petronas towers (, are the headquarters of the public oil company Petronas.
It’s is an impressive building that we all have seen on the tv or the cinema ("The entrapment" movie with Sean Connery is a good example).
It’s not possible to go to the top, for visitors is only allowed until the skybridge which is free, but be careful as only 800 can accede daily to visit it, therefore if we want to choose when you want to go upstairs, please make queue before 8am and you’ll be lucky and you’ll be able to choose what time you want to visit Petronas towers in groups of maximum 20 people.
They open the ticket offices at 8.30am. Skybridge is in floor 29th between the two towers.
Down on the Petronas there is a luxury shopping centre, very big, the KLCC.

You cannot miss to go up at the Menara Kuala Lumpur (the tower of communications), that offers a unique view of the Petronas and all KL (, to go up costs 20RM and ticket offices close at 21.30. The tower was inaugurated in 1996 and measures 421 meters of height.

We recommend to take a walk and to enter into the national museum of history ( It is for free and helps to understand the history of Malaysia.
It is located in the Merdeka square which is very nice. It is worth to visit it by day light and also at night because Merdeka square is very gracefully illuminated.

China Town, Little India are classical parts of the city typical to visit and recommendable, as well as some mosques.