We chose to arrive to Singapore and to leave from Kuala Lumpur so that in the same travel we can quickly visit another country beside our main destination Malaysia.
We decided to go to the main recommended cities and islands according to our willing and according to what most of the guides recommend.
Unfortunately we had not enough time to visit everything what we would like to of the Malayan part of Borneo island and we only spent there 3 days.
Who has more time or does not want to spend so many days in wonderful islands can decide to stay longer in Borneo, to visit more national parks or islands that are in Sabah, to share some days with families and to visit orangoutangs like in:; and also to take the chance of visiting the kingdom of Brunei. This could be also a proposal of itinerary.

29 july: Barcelona - flight
30 july:  Singapore
31 july:  Singapore – Johor Bahru
1 august:  Johor-Bahru – Kuching (Borneo island)
2 august:  Kuching
3 august:  Kuching
4 august:  Kuching – Salang (Tioman island)
5 august:  Salang (Tioman island)
6 august:  Salang (Tioman island) – Kuala Terengganu
7 august:  Kuala Terengganu – Pulau Kecil (Perhentian Islands)
8 august:  Pulau Kecil (Perhentian Islands)
9 august:  Pulau Kecil (Perhentian Islands)
10 august:  Pulau Kecil (Perhentian Islands) – Pulau Besar (Perhentian Islands)
11 august  Pulau Besar (Perhentian Islands)
12 august:  Pulau Besar (Perhentian Islands) – Tanah Rata (Cameron Highlands)
13 august:  Tanah Rata (Cameron Highlands)
14 august:  Tanah Rata (Cameron Highlands)
15 august:  Tanah Rata (Cameron Highlands) – Georgetown (Penang island)
16 august:  Georgetown (Penang island)
17 august:  Georgetown (Penang island) – Kuala Lumpur
18 august:  Kuala Lumpur – Melaka - Kuala Lumpur
19 august:  Kuala Lumpur
20 august:  Kuala Lumpur - flight
21 august:  Flight- Barcelona