Coro it is the State Capital of Falcon. It is a colonial, pretty and calm City. The historical center is known with this name, therefore if we go to Coro, to specify that we go to “historic centre of Coro”. UNESCO declared Coro a world-wide heritage site in 1993
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How to arriveWe bought the ticket to Caracas in Viajes Iberia in Mataró: 0034-93-755 25 80, we paid 850€.

We had to leave on July 28th in the morning, but unfortunately we were unlucky and we had an illegal strike of Iberia and finally we left on Sunday 30 july. Flight of 50 minutes until Madrid and Madrid to Caracas we took 8 hours and half. Within the airplane they gave two immigration forms that we had to fill in and to give in at the customs.
Caracas airport is at 27 kms from Caracas ( A taxi is around 70.000 or 80.000 Bs,to take a 4x4 taxi 4x4 120.000Bs.

We decided for the cheapest option which is the public bus, it costs 10.000Bs, you can buy the ticket inside the national terminal, (we arrived at the internacional, so we walked from the international to the national terminal). It is well signed.  Bus:, it leaves from the airport until 9pm

The bus takes between 40 minutes and one hour and a half depending on the traffic. It only stops three times: Gato Negro, Plaza Miranda and Parque Central. As our objective is to take the metro, we stopped in the first one, at Gato Negro and from there we took the metro which costs costs 500Bs to the Terminal of Bandera, where the buses that go to the west of Venezuela leave from.

From the Terminal of la Bandera all buses to Coro depart, we bought the ticket at Expresos de Occidente, it cost 35.000Bs per person.
Pay attention when buying you must say Coro City, as there is another Coro - Punto Fijo which is another city further close to the beach.
It’s a “Bus cama”. It takes 6 hours to Coro, we were supposed to arrive around 5 am and finally we arrived at 2,30 am, so it took much less as foreseen!
Sleeping & EatingIn Coro we slept at posada Don Antonio (Paseo Talavera, 11, zona colonial, Tel. 0058-268 2539578, [email protected]). Double room costs 55.000Bs with bathroom in the room, tv and no breakfast. It’s a typical colonial posada with a patio inside, when we were there, they were about to finish a new building in the second floor, this means that if you intend to go there, better ask for the new rooms.

In Coro we had breakfast in one of the bars nearby. We did not spend much time there, so we cannot advise you to go to any precise restaurant.
What to seeIn Coro the most rewarding thing is to walk around. I must say it is a very small city, two hours there is more than enough. Those who have seen other colonial cities (Antigua, Oaxaca, Mexican Mérida....), will see that Coro offers more of the same but in small dimensions.
What is very nice is the cathedral at Plaza Bolívar, it is completely white, inmaculate, built between 1580 and the last century. Two other noteworthy  churches are San Francisco in street Zamora, and San Clemente, also in street Zamora.

We recommend taking a day trip to los Médanos de Coro, which is a national park with big sand dunes that appear to be a desert. I have not done it but other tourists told me it is really worth doing
Curiously we did not see any tourists in Coro.