On our itinerary we should not have actually stayed in Caracas but because of Iberia overbooking of our flight we were able to stay one night and one morning there.

The capital of Venezuela did not seem to us to be a nice city and a bit unsafe, but of course these are sensations from only spending there some hours, and it’s not fair to generalize. A lot of Venezuelans we met they told us not to stay in Caracas for security reasons.
How to arriveWe already explained in the Coro trip how to arrive from airport of Maiquetía to the centre of Caracas. We did not preview to spend time there but Iberia offered us the transfers from the aiport.
Sleeping & EatingThanks to Iberia we slept at Gran Meliá Caracas (, where we also enjoyed all meals.
What to seeWe almost had no time to see Caracas and we walked around to have an idea how it looks. We know that there is a colonial part and some churches that are worth visiting, but we did not see them. So we cannot speak much about Caracas.