Mochima is a small village that actually has only two streets, that have no name, one is called “the main one” and the other “the other”. Curious, isn’t it?

Mochima is the main village where the trips to the Mochima Nacional Park leave, from this trip also leave from the village Santa Fe which is bigger and with more people, but Lothar Berg from the posada Shalimar in Río Caribe told us not to go to Santa Fe as lastly there have been lots of robberies.
One “curiosity” of Mochima is that there are several electricity cuts and it’s better to take it easy as it can take longer than two hours.
In Mochima there is no internet, no where. Emails must be consulted in Cumaná.
How to arriveIn plaza Miranda of Río Caribe we took a “por puesto” until Carúpano that costed 3.000Bs because it was Sunday (2.500Bs between the week) and in 20 minutes we arrived to the bus terminal of Carúpano.
Once there withn the buses of Responsable de Venezuela we went to Cumaná and we paid 10.000Bs for the two hours trip. The driver left us in the road that goes to Mochima (after leaving Cumaná) paying additional 5.000Bs, and there we took a minibus until the village, it only takes 10 minutes, we paid 1.750Bs.
Sleeping & EatingIn Mochima we slept at posada Girasol (at the end of the main street, Tel. 0058-293 4160535,
The posada belongs to the Swiss Brigitte de Vera. There are 3 small rooms with cable tv and hot water, decorated with relief painting of sunflowers on the walls and ceiling. When we were there she was building two additional rooms with terrace in the upper floor.
We looked for other options, but this one is really the best.

We recommend the restaurant Bohios de Yeya, but not especially for the good, but basically because the table isa t th end of a pasarle on the water and it’s very special to have dinner below the sky full of stars. Another restaurant we went also at the sea (not on the sea) is Puerto viejo (Street principal, Tel. 0058-293 4160810).
What to seeMochima has nothing to offer as it’s a “mini village”.
What you must do from there is the day trip to the Mochima National Park. We took the trip with Roger Tours (who is the husband of the posadera Brigitte) and we paid 25.000Bs each for the whole day trip.
In the boat we were only 7 tourists and we stopped in different islands of the national park, and to have lunch at Santa Fe, in the restaurant of Club Náutico de Santa Fe.
We were lucky to see some dolphins while in the boat. It’s a recommendable trip, but beside this there is nothing else to do in Mochima.