We chose to go from west to east of the country, going anti-clockwise, starting in Coro and  finishing in Los Roques to be able to rest a little. We decided to go to Coro because we like the colonial cities, but if you only have a few days you could quit Coro, particularly if you have seen other colonial cities. It is not the most spectacular one than we have seen. It’s cute but only include it if you have sufficient journey time.

Ciudad Bolívar peculiarly it is not within the cities that the guide Lonely Planet emphasizes as being beautiful or worth visiting. To us Ciudad Bolivar was very nice and charming and also we much liked the cities of Río Caribe and Mérida.

The option to go to the Roques is a very expensive one, but they are the typical Caribbean islands where we fancy getting lost for some days. You must know that when you go to Los Roques, you always depend on the “peñeros” (boat men) , the guys that get around the islands and from island to island.

We did not go to Isla Margarita, because we think (we know) that the beaches are not spectacular and that the island is operated with resorts geared for mass tourism. All this was told us by a friend who worked in a resort there during two years. It’s also a Duty Free island.

We remained with the desire to do one of the trips to Los Llanos, also the trip to the Caura River and to the Gran Sabana, but we would have needed 16 days more vacation to be able to do them because each one of the trips is around 5 days.
28 july: Airport de Barcelona – ilegal strike
29 july:  Ilegal strike
30 july:  Barcelona – Madrid - Caracas – Night in the bus
31 july:  Coro – Maracaibo – Night in the bus
1 august:  Mérida
2 august:  Mérida – Night in the bus
3 august:  Valencia- Ciudad Bolívar
4 august:  Ciudad Bolívar
5 august:  Ciudad Bolívar – La Paragua- Canaima
6 august:  Campo Salto del Ángel
7 august:  Camp Salto del Ángel – Canaima- Ciudad Bolívar
8 august:  Ciudad Bolívar - Tucupita
9 august:  Tucupita- Orinoco Delta
10 august  Orinoco Delta – Tucupita – Río Caribe
11 august:  Río Caribe
12 august:  Río Caribe
13 august:  Río Caribe - Mochima
14 august:  Mochima- Cumaná
15 august:  Cumaná – Night in the bus
16 august:  Caracas- Los Roques
17 august:  Los Roques
18 august:  Los Roques
19 august:  Los Roques
20 august:  Los Roques - Caracas
21 august: Caracas- Flight
22 august: Flight – Madrid- Barcelona