Who is Sònia

Sònia Graupera is a freelance travel advisor based in Barcelona whose speciality is relating peak and ultra affluent travel, cultural and gastronomic stories culled from globe-trotting to the world’s most enchanting, glorious and desirable destinations and experiences. In 2003, Graupera began food and wine writing, relating not only the gastronomy and wine nature of destinations visited, but also super chic, affluent lodging—from venerable hotels, country house hotels and exclusive bed & breakfasts to ultra-chic new hotels in must-visit destinations for those who demand the ultimate in travel experiences.

In 2005, Graupera began writing articles, in English, for ITP Events magazine , with a European circulation of 10,000 to production companies, meeting and incentive event planners and site selection firms. Graupera’s pieces cover the upper echelon travel experience, namely distringuished, desirable and high-value destinations in every way. Folded within these travel pieces, Graupera expounds upon the MICE opportunities present in each destination.

Commencing in September 2009, Graupera writes in-depth travel pieces for the Spain’s most honored photographic publication, Fotoventas Digital with a monthly circulation of 7,000. Her travel articles will feature recommended lodging, gastronomy and sights and attractions. These same pieces are available at Graupera’s own website.

In the Spanish/Catalan-language travel website for independent travelers, www.viajeadictos.net, Graupera provides the kind of in-depth coverage so imperative when traveling to luxe and also low-cost destinations. To date, all 19 travel pieces, representing one story for each destination to which Graupera herself traveled since the website’s inception, can be found online in copious detail.

Graupera seeks out the unusual, sometimes obscure, hard-to-find treasure of each destination she visits, enlisting local experts whenever one can be inducted into her service. She particularly enjoys covering ultimate spa and retreat, cultural and health- and holistic-oriented experiences world-wide, from Easter Island to Bali. Each destination is remembered in explicit detail, providing guidance and advice for those for whom travel is not just a vacation, but a way of life. Meals so unique and delectable as to be positively haunting; hotels so pampering they are sinfully indulgent and unexpected, not in the guidebook excursions and visits which truly round out any visit — all these are what can be expected from Graupera’s travel pieces.
You can also visit Sònia’s blog: http://soniagraupera.blogspot.com
Graupera is fluent in Catalan, Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Dutch and is conversant in many additional languages.